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Become a KMOS Sustaining Member TODAY!

What is the KMOS Sustaining Program? - It's a simpler way to give!

An automatic ongoing monthly membership, known as a sustainer, has the traditional membership benefits, but it doesn't need to be renewed each year.  So no more renewal notices in the mail!  KMOS sustainers have their monthly donations deducted from a credit/debit car or checking account each month.

Better for YOU!

  • Enjoy PBS PASSPORT with your sustainer membership for as little as $5.00 a month!
  • Never write another check or buy another stamp to support KMOS!
  • Your membership is always active
  • Increase, decrease or suspend your membership donation at anytime.

Better for KMOS!

  • A dependable and ongoing funding source
  • Ensuring KMOS's ability to air the great programing you enjoy
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Helps KMOS save time, money, and even help the environment - at the same time!

Click here or call us today at 800-753-3436 to join the growing family of KMOS members who generously give automatic ongoing monthly donations by becoming a KMOS Sustainer.  Enjoy all the savings and convenience of your always-active membership, so you have more time to enjoy all the programs that make KMOS a valuable resource for you, your family, and your community!

Need help or have questions?

For membership questions or to update your information contact our Member Services Specialist at (660)543-8037 or email