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KMOS Community Advisory Board
Meetings are open to the public. For information call 800-753-3436 or contact KMOS.

Next Meeting Date

February 8, 2022 at Noon

University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, MO


These quarterly meetings will included presentations and discussions on the status of KMOS programming, events and other initiatives. Open to the public.


Active Members
Meryl Lin McKean, Warrensburg, Chairperson

Rick Langdon, Sedalia, Vice Chairperson

Marshall Abney, Warrensburg, Secretary

Tammy Chute, Jefferson City

William (Bill) Smart, Ionia,

Rosalie Spencer, Rolla

Cindy Squire, Centralia

Douglas Sokolowski, Sedalia


Senior Active Members

Galen Dody, Clinton

Dr. Doug Kiburz, Sedalia

Don Kiefer, Clinton

Ivan Oestreich, Clinton

David Peerbolte, Warrensburg

William Rabourn, Sedalia

Joe Scallorns, California

Comments for the CAB
ContactCurtis Hartley or call 800-753-3436