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The Tuba Thieves

What is the role of sound and what does it mean to listen? Hard of hearing filmmaker Alison O’Daniel uses a series of tuba thefts in Los Angeles high schools as a jumping-off point to explore these questions. Through several d/Deaf people telling stories in a unique game of telephone, the central mystery of The Tuba Thieves isn’t about theft of instruments; it’s about the nature of sound itself.

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The Tuba Thieves Trailer | Independent Lens | PBS

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Tuesday, April 16 at 6pm  

Dulany Library Auditorium

William Woods University

1 University Ave

Fulton, Missouri 65251

Wednesday, May 15 at 6pm  

Capitol City Cinema

126 E High St

Jefferson City, Missouri 65101



Coming this Season!

PREMIERING January 29, 2024

Razing Liberty Square / By Katja Esson and Ann Bennet

Liberty City, Miami, is home to one of the oldest segregated public housing projects in the United States. Now with rising sea levels, the neighborhood’s higher ground has become something else: real estate gold.

premiering may 20, 2024

The Tuba Thieves / By Alison O'Daniel

Between 2011 and 2013, tubas were stolen from high schools across Southern California. Against this backdrop, hard of hearing filmmaker Alison O'Daniel generates new sensitivity to sound and meaning in an unconventional documentary experience.