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Thursday, March 30th at 6 P.M.

William Woods University

Dulany Library Auditorium

One University Ave

Fulton, MO 65251






Wednesday, April 5th at 6 P.M.

Capitol City Cinema

126 E. High Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101




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PREMIERING November 9th

Move Me / By Kelsey Peterson and Daniel Klein

Beneath the waters of Lake Superior, off the shore of Wisconsin, Kelsey Peterson underwent a transformation. On the eve of Independence Day 2012, she dove in and hit the lake bottom headfirst, suffering a life-altering spinal cord injury that takes away both function and sensation from the chest down, essentially robbing Kelsey of her self-identities as an athlete and dancer. Alongside peers and allies in the spinal cord injury community, she seeks to answer the question “Who am I now?” As she grapples with the ebb and flow of hope and acceptance, Kelsey talks to researchers and meets with people who belong to this community and who help give her the strength and the will to return to dance. When a cutting-edge clinical trial surfaces, it tests her expectations and her faith in the possibility of a cure, forcing her to evaluate the limits of her recovery—in body and spirit.

Premiering February 13th

Love in the Time of Fentanyl / By Colin Askey, Monika Navarro, Marc Serpa Francoeur, and Robinder Uppal

As fentanyl overdose deaths in Vancouver, Canada reach an all-time high, the Overdose Prevention Society opens its doors—a renegade safe injection site that employs current or former drug users. Its staff and volunteers save lives and give hope to a marginalized community, doing whatever it takes to remain open, in this intimate documentary that looks beyond the stigma of injection drug users.

Photo Credit: Colin Askey

premiering march 20th

Storming Caesars Palace / By Hazel Gurland-Pooler

Activist Ruby Duncan leads a grassroots movement of mothers who challenged Presidents, the Vegas Mob, and everyday Americans to rethink their notions of the “Welfare Queen.”

photo credit: Boston Public library boston herald, medianews group, inc