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Join KMOS PBS this year at events near you as we explore changing weather conditions and how we can help our local environment.


Share your story with us by emailing us a short video of you answering the following:

I am doing my part to help the environment in my community by...?

Changing weather conditions effect me by...?


Email us your story at


Showcase COMO

Thursday, April 11

9:00am - 3:00pm

Holiday Inn Expo Center
2200 I-70 Dr SW
Columbia, MO 65203

Films and Programs

Independent Lens

A Thousand Pines | Official Trailer | Independent Lens | PBS

Premieres April 1st, 2024

Over the course of a grueling eight months, a crew of Oaxacan guest workers plant trees throughout the United States. This intimate portrait shows how hard it is to balance the physical demands of reforestation and extreme isolation while staying connected to the family back home.

#Documentary #AThousandPines #Trailer

Independent Lens

One With the Whale | Official Trailer | Independent Lens | PBS

Premieres April 22nd, 2024

Hunting whales is a matter of life or death for the residents of St. Lawrence. When a shy Alaska Native teen becomes the youngest person ever to harpoon a whale for his village, his family is blindsided by thousands of keyboard activists brutally attacking him online—without full perspective on the importance of the hunt to his community's well-being.

#Documentary #OneWithTheWhale #Trailer


A Brief History of the Future | Official Trailer | PBS

Premieres April 3rd, 2024

A Brief History of the Future is a unique six-part PBS documentary series about our futures and how we can reimagine them. Hosted by renowned futurist Ari Wallach, the show invites viewers on a journey around the world that is filled with discovery, hope, and possibility about where we find ourselves today and what could come next.

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