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"Research shows that just being in the presence of a compassionate, safe adult can help kids calm down. As families, we can be “that person” for each other."

Some tips parents and children can work on, together.

From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood:

From Sesame Street:

From Esme and Roy:

  • H: Am I hungry?
  • O: Am I overstimulated?
  • S: Do I need to sleep?
  • E: Do I need to exercise?

"This morning, I heard my daughter explain the school closures to her kindergarten brother this way: “This sickness isn’t a big deal for you or for me, but we want to be germ-busters so that we can protect other people — like grandma and grandpa! This is how we help.”

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Germs Germs Go Away | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | PBS KIDS

Daniel imagines that he can make all of the germs on his hands go away.

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What are viruses and how do they spread?

Find resources for students of all ages that explore the nature of viruses, how they are transmitted, and the healthy habits we can all engage in to prevent their spread. From the common cold to coronavirus, these videos, interactive lessons, and discussion questions will offer educators a variety of ways to introduce the topic to students.