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MS. ALLI - kindergarten - 1st grade

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DateLesson IDLesson Description
Monday, July 13
Math Recognize that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones.
Tuesday, July 14
Science Investigate how sound can make materials (matter) vibrate and how vibrating materials (matter) can make sound.
Wednesday, July 15
Reading Predict what will happen next in a story by using prior knowledge and asking questions. Phonemic Awareness: The student will construct rhymes in response to spoken words.
Thursday, July 16
Math Recognize that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones.
Monday, July 20
Solve addition problems within 20.
Tuesday, July 21
Observe, identify and describe the appearance of the sun, moon and stars at different times of the day.
Wednesday, July 22
Reading: The student will be able to retell the beginning, middle and end of a story.
Phonemic Awareness: The student will blend onsets and rimes to make words.
Thursday, July 23
Solve subtraction problems within 20.
Monday, July 27
Recognize and tell the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.
Tuesday, July 28
Recognize what plants and animals need to survive.
Wednesday, July 29
Reading: Compare and contrast characters from similar stories.
Phonics: Distinguish long from short vowels in written and spoken words.
Thursday, July 30
Collect, organize and represent data with up to 3 different categories from different graphs.
Monday, August 3
Name each shape and identify the number of sides and vertices for each shape.
Tuesday, August 4
Significance of the American Flag, Statue of Liberty, U.S. Capital, Bald Eagle and the Liberty Bell.
Wednesday, August 5
Reading: recognize nouns and verbs.
Phonemic Awareness: recognize and recite words when a specific phoneme is added, changed, or removed.
Thursday, August 6
Measure length, height or distance using objects.
Monday, August 10
Describe characters, setting, problem, solution and key events in a story.
Tuesday, August 11
152Describe basic economic concepts such as needs, wants, good, services and scarcity
Wednesday, August 12155Recognize the difference between AM and PM. The students will read time using digital analog clocks.
Thursday, August 13158Make connections while reading.
Monday, August 17161Distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.
Tuesday, August 18164Read and construct maps.
Wednesday, August 19167Describe different weather conditions
Thursday, August 20170Recognize basic capitalization and punctuation rules.