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Pre-Election Special - Premiere Thursday, Nov. 3 @ 7 p.m.

Missouri Times Election Special

Joining host and publisher Scott Faughn (center) to discuss the ballot issues and candidates in key races are (l-r): Keri Ingle (State Rep. Dist. 35), Micheal Mahoney (KMBC), Jo Mannies (St. Louis Public Radio) and Jennifer Bukowsky (attorney and radio host). 

This special airs multiple times:
Channel 6.1:
Thursday 11/3 @ 7 p.m.,  Sunday 1/6 @ 5 p.m., and Monday 11/7 @ 8 p.m.

Channel 6.3 Emerge: 
Saturday 11/5 @ 7 p.m., Sunday 11/6 @ 9 p.m.


Election Night Coverage - Tuesday, Nov. 8

PBS NewsHour Vote 2022 over a blue background with 2022 repeating


PBS NewsHour

7:00 - 10:00 p.m. (with possible overrun in case of close results in key races.)
With the control of the House and Senate hanging in the balance, PBS NewsHour Judy Woodruff leads live coverage of the results as they come in.

For Educators and Students

a woman sat at a table voting with a privacy placard

Civics and Government

Resources located under Civics and Government focus on the relationships between governments and individuals, and international relations. Topics such as the history of the Supreme Court, the role state and local governments play in the United States, and the path a bill takes to become law are also examined.