Announcing the launch of the 2019 Writers Contest, open to children in kindergarten through third grades.

Deadline for all stories is March 15, 2019
Finalists will be announced April 15, 2019

Downloadable forms
Official Rules (pdf 288 kb )
Entry Form (pdf 90 kb)

Story telling Tools
Get Ready to Write (pdf 753 kb)
Brainstorming (pdf 1.72 mb)
Story Revision Checklist (pdf 916 kb )

Read the 2018 Stories

First Grade
1st Place – Camryn, Columbia, Denise’s Unicorn Adventure
2nd Place – Kellen, Concordia, Treehouse Adventures
3rd Place – Nick, California, The Monkey and the Mango
Honorable Mention – Heath, Columbia, The Gorilla that Wanted to Play Football

Second Grade
1st Place – William, Wardsville, Don’t Take a Pickle to a Squirrel Fight
2nd Place – Kai, Columbia, The Dragon Rider
3rd Place – Anna, Columbia, Getting a Pet
Honorable Mention – Isaac, Columbia,A Day In the Life of a Barn Mouse
Honorable Mention – Anastasia, Henley, Interview with Spinner the Spider

Third Grade
1st Place – Vicente, Columbia, Sandy’s Victory
2nd Place – Abigail, Columbia, Scotty Finds Love
3rd Place - Kate, Columbia, Will’s Big Adventure
Honorable Mention – Georgia, Columbia, Paige’s Journey to the Artic
Honorable Mention – Lily, Columbia, Lily’s Teddy Bear