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KMOS Special Series: Focus on Aging

KMOS is proud to partner with other producers to showcase a series of programs and films aimed at debunking myths about aging, providing inspirational stories, and resources for all of us as we age, and even serve as caregivers.

KMOS Special Series: Focus on Aging features five unique programs and films to spark conversation and thought for this topic.  

Special Event

Thursday, April 8 at Noon

JUDY WOODRUFF, Anchor and Managing Editor for PBS NewsHour, and Peabody Award-Winning Journalist DIANE REHM will discuss the upcoming film, explore the right-to-die movement in America, and talk about how to have the conversations surrounding end-of-life wishes.

Programming sponsored in part by:

Fast Forward: Look Into Your Future

Follow four millennials and their parents as they travel through time to meet their future selves. Wearing an MIT-produced “aging empathy suit” and working with professional make-up artists, they grapple with the realizations, conversations and mindset required to age successfully. 

Wednesday, March 24 at 9pm on KMOS 6.1

Wednesday, April 7 at 11am, 5pm, 7pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

Thursday, April 15 at 7pm on KMOS 6.1

Boomer's Guide to Growing Older

Baby boomers are facing ever-increasing challenges, as they grapple with their own health issues while at the same time caring for their aging parents and sometimes even their own spouses. We’ll talk to experts to discover how boomers can manage these varied responsibilities while still maintaining their own physical and mental health, including resources and organizations designed to help.

Monday, April 5 at 11am & 5pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

Wednesday, April 28 at 7pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3


Aging Matters: Loneliness and Isolation

Hosted by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea, we explore the characteristics and health implications of social isolation and loneliness on the elderly. The documentary features the stories of older adults who have experienced feeling detached from the wider community due to factors like the loss of a spouse, the stresses of caregiving, illness or loss of mobility. Finally, we look at the innovative ways that social ties and community can be created to prevent social withdrawal.

Monday, April 5 at 11:30am & 5:30pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

Wednesday, April 28 at 7:30pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3


Revolutionizing Dementia Care

Explore how people living with dementia can still enjoy full and meaningful lives based on their abilities, not their limitations. We visit eight residential homes—from Massachusetts to California—specializing in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Interviews with residents, family and staff reveal the various ways models of person-centered care, and its impact on both the recipients and providers of those services. Experts and educators in the dementia care field also discuss the changing landscape of diagnosis and care, and the benefits of these new models. From equine and horticulture therapies, to city-wide dementia-friendly education programs for area businesses, this documentary captures the evolving ways ability-focused programs can enrich the lives of those living with this diagnosis.

Tuesday, April 6 at 11am & 5pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

Wednesday, April 21 at 7pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

When My Time Comes

Spurred on by the death of her husband, Peabody-award-winning journalist Diane Rehm crosses the country to take an in-depth look at medical aid in dying. She speaks to people on all sides of the issue, uncovering the pros and cons, the facts and the misinformation surrounding this controversial practice that is now legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. The result is both moving and informative – an eye-opening documentary that is sure to provoke strong reactions and thoughtful conversations among viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Thursday, April 8 at 11am & 5pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3

Wednesday, April 14 at 7pm on KMOS EMERGE 6.3