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The driving force behind the show and its growth is its host, Kyle Vickers. Since joining the show in April of 2002, his extensive background in family farming, as well as agriculture policy, has given him unique insight into many issues facing farmers today. After thirteen years on the air, Kyle’s enthusiasm for the show remains strong. “I enjoy talking about Missouri agriculture…We’ve had some just really unique and interesting people on our show and talking about special projects that they are doing or talking about the shape of things to come. Some disagreements sometimes over policy…but I do enjoy it and enjoy Missouri people and I enjoy communicating about agriculture.”

Kyle Vickers, Host of Show-Me Ag

Show-Me AG

When: Thursdays at 7:30pm

Show-Me Ag has been informing the general public about issues facing Agri-business and those involved in this ever-changing and ever-challenging field since its start in 2001.