Announcing the 2018 Writer Contest Winners!

Thanks to all the young writers, their families, schools and communities who support their creativity and talent!

First Grade
1st Place – Camryn, Columbia, Denise’s Unicorn Adventure
2nd Place – Kellen, Concordia, Treehouse Adventures
3rd Place – Nick, California, The Monkey and the Mango
Honorable Mention – Heath, Columbia, The Gorilla that Wanted to Play Football

Second Grade
1st Place – William, Wardsville, Don’t Take a Pickle to a Squirrel Fight
2nd Place – Kai, Columbia, The Dragon Rider
3rd Place – Anna, Columbia, Getting a Pet
Honorable Mention – Isaac, Columbia, A Day In the Life of a Barn Mouse
Honorable Mention – Anastasia, Henley, Interview with Spinner the Spider

Third Grade
1st Place – Vicente, Columbia, Sandy’s Victory
2nd Place – Abigail, Columbia, Scotty Finds Love
3rd Place - Kate, Columbia, Will’s Big Adventure
Honorable Mention – Georgia, Columbia, Paige’s Journey to the Artic
Honorable Mention – Lily, Columbia, Lily’s Teddy Bear