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Use the magic of TV to spark your children's sense of curiosity and love of learning! KMOS Ready To Learn combines quality children's educational television and web site, program breaks that deliver non-commerical educational messages and the periodic distribution of books to children.

To help your children get the most from the TV they watch:

Choose the TV you watch
Use a TV guide to choose TV shows that are a good match for the things your children enjoy or are learning about. Choose TV that is geared to your children's ages and interests. Watch programs, not just TV!

Use the VCR
Tape programs your children love and that you feel good about. Create your own video library of smart TV - TV that teaches.

Pick and choose
You may see a piece of a show and want to share just that segment with your children. A segment of a show may address the very issues your children are dealing with.

Watch TV together
When you watch TV with your children, they can ask you questions and talk about what they see.

Encourage active viewing
Children learn from doing, watching, listening and imitating. Children can watch TV actively - by talking, playing, dancing and singing along. The easiest way to encourage your child to join in the fun is if you do, too!

Extend the learning
Read books and do activities that relate to the themes of programs you watch with your children. If you watch a show about recycling, sort the day's trash, plant the seeds from a snack time apple or read a book about recycling.

Limit television time
TV can be a learning tool, but it can't replace hands-on learning or take the place of care children need from you. Set clear rules for how long and when the TV can be on.

Internet Tips for Families

Browse the web together.
Adults should always use the internet with their young child. Help them find good web sites they can explore. Spend time online with older kids as well. Let them show you web sites they like. As you explore together, you will be teaching them how to use the internet responsibly.

Online Ads
Some sites have advertisements that flash constantly. Help your child realize the difference between ads and information.

Accurate information
Anyone can put information on the internet. Assist children in understanding that not everything they read is necessarily true. Check to see who wrote the web site and if they are an organization or individual you trust.

Set limits
Be certain to set specific times that your child can go online.

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