KMOS Tower Facts

Height: 2,000 feet
Weight of steel used in the tower: 1,000,000 lbs.
(weight excludes guy & electrical wires, elevator and antennae)
Number of bolts: 18,000
Length of supporting guy wire: 8 miles
Length of electrical wire: 11 miles
Amount of concrete: 560 yards
Amount of rebar in foundation base support: 42,000 lbs.
Guy wires: 1 set of three are placed every 195 feet from the ground up (the top two separated by 180 feet.)

KMOS transmits to homes in a radius of approximately 75 miles from a tower located just south of Syracuse, MO.
Your reception will depend on your distance from, and terrain contours between your antenna and the tower.

Map of KMOS Broadcast Area