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Broadcasting Director, KMOS-TV


Provide daily and short/long-term strategic leadership, manage, administer, and coordinate all activities and operations of Public Broadcasting Service station KMOS-TV and the UCM Broadcasting Services Departments.

Ensure financial security and sustainability of the department and KMOS-TV by directing the solicitation of philanthropic support and developing and generating funding through state and federal grants.

Lead the strategic planning for KMOS-TV; establish operational and budgetary guidelines; ensure the station’s strong alignment and direct support of the University’s educational mission and strategic positioning; and fulfillment of the public service missions of public media to create, produce and air content which educates, informs and inspires.

Establish and further cultivate positive working relationships and partnerships within the UCM campus community. Be fully integrated with and supportive of the educational mission of the University and be accountable for successful collaboration with faculty and staff charged with benefiting UCM students in their learning pursuit.

Primary liaison with the KMOS-TV’s Community Advisory Board (CAB).


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Effective February 14, 2006, Department of Human Resources at the University of Central Missouri implemented a new online employment application system for recruitment of all staff positions. This system allows applicants to search jobs, complete an application and apply online, as well as check the status of applications via the Internet. Applicants also have the ability to attach cover letters, resumes, and other documents to the electronic application. All applicants will need to complete an application in the new online employment system.

More station information available at KMOS FCC Public File