Read the winning stories and listen to the four first place stories.

1st place - Amy W., Chesterfield, The Girl Who Wanted To Fly   *Amy reads her story*
2nd place - Aubrey O., Florence, Behind the Barn
3rd place - Caitlin B., Scott AFB, Ill., I Love Kindergarten

First Grade
1st place - Stanley T., Columbia, Walter   *Stanley reads his story*
2nd place - Lexi B., Stover, The Baby Bird that got Tired of Worms
3rd place - Daniel O., Columbia, Three Helpful Friends

Second Grade
1st place - Gianna D., Columbia, Harry the Squirrel  *Gianna reads her story*
2nd place - Abigail R., Columbia, Two Squirrels and a Nut
3rd place - Sarah D., Columbia, The Mystery of the Smelly Red Socks

Third Grade
1st place - Szu-Yin, Clayton, The Piano Who Doesn’t Want to Cooperate  *Szu-Yin reads her story*
2nd place - Ryan C., Columbia, Oh, no! Glasses, Messes!
3rd place - Emily D., Green Ridge, Magical Homework