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Keeping the family farm in the farm family.
AgriLegacy consists of five episodes produced in early 2013. The series is on hiatus while we seek funding to produce a full 13-part series in high definition for distribution beyond Missouri.

If you are interested in learning more about the potential of this series, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, we will rebroadcast the original five programs in early 2014 (schedule will be published here.)

About your hosts

AgriLegacy delves into the family farm dynamic, and how to preserve and protect those farms from a dying legacy. Once a staple in every community, family farms have become increasingly rare as the industry has changed over the years. This shift has created the opportunity for existing farms to grow, and the challenge lies in preserving the legacy these parents and grandparents have poured their lives into.

Estate and financial planners Galen Dody and Wes Hentges, both of whom have farming backgrounds, work closely with individuals who strive to protect their family farms. Many farmers today face the challenges that come with increasing government regulation and taxation, varying levels of farming interest of heirs and uncertainty of how to preserve assets and minimize estate taxes.

The untold story to which every farming family can relate is the difficulty and unique dynamics involved in passing the legacy to the next generation. Many are faced with issues like divorce, remarriage, or children with varying levels of interest in the farm. Others are faced with heirs who disagree on whether or not to keep a farm, or estate taxes looming in the future. The impasse often produces a catastrophic outcome for those who are not prepared.

Planning is the key to minimizing taxes, preserving assets, and most importantly, preserving the legacy of the family farm. One of the best things about legacy planning is that it allows farmers to make choices now so children aren’t left with tough decisions or financial burdens later.

This series navigates through the planning process by simplifying the integration of documents like trusts and buy-sell agreements and examines the road to preserving the family farm. Anyone who plans to leave a legacy, financial or otherwise, will gain valuable insight into their own plans by watching AgriLegacy, only on KMOS-TV.

Program 1 - Join hosts Galen Dody and Wes Hentges as they briefly look at the "15 Common Disasters in Estate and Succession Planning for Agribusiness owners" and interview University of Central Missouri's Dr. Kyle Lovercamp as his department looks to provide Ag students with a well-rounded education.

Program 2 - Most families struggle with how to pass an equal inheritance to each child when some want to farm and others do not. AgriLegacy experts Galen Dody and Wes Hentges discuss what farm families should consider when it comes to active and inactive children. Find out how you can set things up fairly for all your children. >

Program 3 - A large portion of your net worth is often tied up in farm assets. Do you also know that because of this, asset titling is a key component of a savvy estate plan? How your assets are titled may have a tremendous impact on your taxes and your children's inheritance. Join AgriLegacy advisors Galen Dody and Wes Hentges as they discuss asset titling as one of the 15 estate planning disasters.

Program 4 - How illiquid estates impact succession planning. Meet Jack Loney, attorney at the Nautilus Group in Dallas. Nautilus helps business owners from around the country put together the finest estate planning which takes advantage of favorable tax laws. >

Program 5 - We’ll discuss how proper planning for extended care, and increasing medical costs, is important to insure an inheritance for your children. We will also take a look at the long term outlook for farm commodities with Dr. Abner Womack of the Food and Policy Research Institute.